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The Green Planet Summer Camp at The Arbor School

It will be an environmentally focused camp that provides students with a range of practical and creative challenges and activities. Participants will learn about plants and animals, cultivation, sustainability, and interconnected systems. Activities will be held in our three large biodomes, each measuring 176m².

Held 4 days a week from July 19th to August 26th, our Eco Summer Camp is a great way to discover the city's one of its kind Summer Camp

Each day is filled with fantastic activities, starting from drop-off at The Arbor School, continued with welcome games, animal care, greenhouse fun, crazy science experiments and scavenger hunts. Kids can rescue the marine life from Oil spills or talk with our Turtles, meet the lizards & geckos or Camouflage themselves in the wildlife.

Parents can drop off and pick up their kids from The Arbor School each day. The Eco Summer Camp is specially tailored for youngsters aged 5-12.

Please note that this schedule is subject to change in order to keep the activities different and fresh as we have many campers return for multiple weeks.

Please be assured that the below schedule is an example of the type of activities that will take place throughout the Camp week.

Download the timetable to learn more about our fun filled activities.


  • water slide
    Animal Encounters
  • water slide
  • water slide


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Directions for Summer Camp


Health & Safety Measures

Health and safety is the top priority during Summer Camp. All Health and Safety practices will follow strictly to the Summer camp Health and Safety standards outlined by Dubai Municipality guidelines. Social distancing of 2 meters, daily cleaning and sterilization of all areas and surfaces of the facility throughout and post completion of each day.

All employees and campers will wear masks and use hand sanitizers throughout the day. Temperature taken and use hand sanitizer before entry. All items used for activities throughout the day (including craft and experiment materials) will be disinfected after every use. Parents will be encouraged to not bring their child to camp if they are showing any signs of not feeling well.

Why choose our camp?

Searching for kid-friendly ideas to keep the youngsters happy and, most importantly, entertained throughout the long hot summer holidays?

Don't sweat it!

The Green Planet summer camp at The Arbor School is the ultimate escape from boredom.

These air-conditioned domes are high structures, two containing plants and animals, and one a large empty maker-space for students to work creatively and with plenty of room.

Students will also have access to our spacious gymnasium where they will be able to engage in activities that require more space, and where they can eat their lunch and relax. Shaded outdoor play spaces will provide yet more room for activities and recreation.

With weekly packages available for kids aged 5-12, parents can relax while the little ones enjoy the best summer ever!

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